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10 Division Heat Bags

10 Panel Heat Bag with Ties


The 10 panel heat bag is one of our new Heat bags that can be tied to parts of the body to relieve pain such as the back, hip, thigh, knee and shoulder

12 Division Heat Bags

12 Panel Heat Bag


Covers a large area and can also be used as a weighted blanket.

4 Division Heat Bags

4 Division Pillow Heat Pack


For relief in the neck and throat area can also be worn whilst lying down. Has Four panels for support filled with 100% natural lupin completely hand washable.

4 Division Heat Bags

4 Division Tie Bag


A very versatile Heat Bag with generous ties that can be used on all parts of the body that need pain relief, including the ankle, calf, elbow and waist. Filled with 100% natural lupin and is completely hand washable.

6 Division Heat Bags

6 Panel Shoulder Heat Pack


Fits perfectly on both shoulders. Highly useful in relieving pain in the shoulder area


Heat  1- minute in a 1000 Watt. Microwave  When re-heating, only heat for 30 seconds at a time. This is the Recommended time for this product as tested by the TGA and complies with the AUS/NZS Standard 5116/2016 If you would like straps added to this item for an extra $3 you will have to [...]

Heat Back Packs

Back Pack


Our backpack is a versatile bag used to relieve aches and pains through the neck area and down through the shoulder blades. Filled with 100% Natural Western Australian Lupin this bag has generous ties to keep it in place and is completely hand washable.

1 Division Heat Bags

Caress Eye Pack


Eye Packs are perfect to ease headaches, migranes and relieve stress. Can also be put in the freezer and used as a cold pack.

1 Division Heat Bags

Heatbag Mitten


1 Division Heat Bags

Junior Square Heat Bag


Useful as a quick heat or freeze pack for smaller areas Eg: toothache, earache, burns. Keep one in the freezer always. 100% natural lupin completely hand washable.



Kiddies Heat Hug


Great lupin heatbag for kids. Has a lupin bag inside the toy. Please do not microwave the toy, only the lupin filled bag to be put in microwave for 1 min. Super Soft material. Kids will love them

1 Division Heat Bags

Knee Support


Knee Support helps to relieve knee problems from arthritis, injury or strain. Helps to reduce swelling and inflammation.

14 Division Heat Bag

Large Neck Wrap


The Large Neck wrap heat bag is great in soothing all types of pain in the neck / shoulder area.


Heat Back Packs

Louise Lumbar


Extra large lumbar heatbag. Great for lower part of back. Has 16 divisions. Soothes aches and pains. 100% Aussie Lupin filled

6 Division Heat Bags

Neck Collar Heat Pack


Provides relief for the nape of the neck can be reversed and give comfort for severe pain up the back of the head wings at front can be wrapped around for extra use round throat area. Filled with 100% natural lupin completely hand washable.

Brand New Product From Heat Bags Plus


Neck Shoulder Combo


Your neck and shoulder muscle soreness can be relieved right away with the great coverage and contour of this design.

6 Division Heat Bags

Neck Wrap


The Neck collar heat bag is great in soothing all types of pain in the neck / shoulder area. It is also very suitable to wear the neck collar heat bag under a jacket or jumper which will not only keep the heat in longer, but it will also fit snug so no one would even guess you have it on.

1 Division Heat Bags

Pregnancy Comforter


Pregnancy Comforter can help to relieve lower abdominal tummy pain during pregnancy.

1 Division Heat Bags

Regular Comforter Heat Bag


A versatile bag used like the old fashioned hot water bottle filled with 100% Natural Lupin, bag is completely hand washable.