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10 Division Heat Bags

10 Panel Heat Bag with Ties


The 10 panel heat bag is one of our new Heat bags that can be tied to parts of the body to relieve pain such as the back, hip, thigh, knee and shoulder

1 Division Heat Bags

Caress Eye Pack


Eye Packs are perfect to ease headaches, migranes and relieve stress. Can also be put in the freezer and used as a cold pack.



Kiddies Heat Hug


Great lupin heatbag for kids. Has a lupin bag inside the toy. Please do not microwave the toy, only the lupin filled bag to be put in microwave for 1 min. Super Soft material. Kids will love them


Heat Back Packs

Louise Lumbar


Extra large lumbar heatbag. Great for lower part of back. Has 16 divisions. Soothes aches and pains. 100% Aussie Lupin filled

6 Division Heat Bags

Neck Collar Heat Pack


Provides relief for the nape of the neck can be reversed and give comfort for severe pain up the back of the head wings at front can be wrapped around for extra use round throat area. Filled with 100% natural lupin completely hand washable.

Brand New Product From Heat Bags Plus


Neck Shoulder Combo


Your neck and shoulder muscle soreness can be relieved right away with the great coverage and contour of this design.

1 Division Heat Bags

Pregnancy Comforter


Pregnancy Comforter can help to relieve lower abdominal tummy pain during pregnancy.