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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Lupin?

Lupin is a Legume which grows like a pea in a pod but is harvested in the same way as wheat.

How long should I heat my Lupin Heatbag for?

The desired heating for each product is on the product tag ,when heating the Eye Pack or the heat mitten it is advisable to heat in 30 second increments and test on the inside of the arm.

Should I put a Glass of Water in with the bag like you have to with Wheat?

No it is not necessary as Lupin produces it’s own moisture.By actually adding water to the microwave it will have the opposite effect in fact it will not heat the bag to the required Tempurature and will give a false idea to heat the bag on a higher setting of for longer period of time. You will know if you have overheated the bag by the Popcorn Smell.

If this occurs wash the bag in warm soapy water (DO NOT SOAK), rinse in clear water, place in pillowcase and spin out excess water in the washing machine then place in dryer.

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