Flammable teddy bear wheat bag safety warning

Damien Smith – 7News Sydney – June 20, 2013 FIRST ON 7: Firefighters are warning against the use of wheat bag toys to warm beds, because they can be deadly if instructions are ignored. 7News asked consumer group Choice to conduct a test, with a frightening result. They might look cute and cuddly, but if […]

Supermarket Sued over Hot Water Bottle Injuries

Supermarket Sued over Hot Water Bottle Injuries May 8th 2011 A Father is suing a WA Supermarket after a $2.99 Hot Water Bottle burst,causing serious burns to himself and 10 year old son. The father claims the hot water bottle he bought from the store in June 2009 was faulty and it burst when he […]

Type 2 Diabetes Info

If you’re concerned about developing type 2 diabetes, A healthy diet and regular physical activity have been rightly identified as keys to preventing and controlling diabetes. However, what has not been recognized is that regular consumption of a key form of chromium could virtually eliminate diabetes along with sensible eating and being even modestly active. […]