Hi Cheryl

Thanks for your prompt service- your parcel arrived Wednesday and the Back Pack has been in almost constant use since.I’ve just submitted another order for another friend and a lady I work with ordered from you yesterday.I think you produce a great product.

Keitha VIC

Many Thanks for the fast despatch and receipt of my heat bag which arrived in Sydney less than 2 days after ordering,having thrown out my old and well used one.I look forward to this on my back tonight

Chris NSW

Hi Cheryl,

Thank you again for your wonderful ongoing service.The special little extra gift came in handy last night when Sarah arrived home from after school care and had fallen out of a tree.

The cold pack came in handy to help relieve a badly bruised and swollen foot.

Have dished out the three lumbar packs to everyone and now I have my own without having to share all the time.

You really are a treasure.I don’t know what I would have done all these years if I didn’t stumble upon one of your heat bags in a chemist.Once again till the next order

Vicki B Tasmania


I bought one of your heat packs after trying many different shapes etc for my chronic neck pain the one that worked for me was the 10 panel pack.It fits my neck without hurting it,and can be draped down my shoulder blade to relieve the referral pain.I am about 3 months away from surgery and need heat there most of the day to help relieve the inflamation and pain at the moment.

I have just seen your site and the one that strap around the upper back and shoulder blades look great

Lynley S QLD

Hello Cheryl,

Thankyou again for the Prompt service!

I wish all my shopping was as pleasant and easy as this.


Dear Cheryl,

Thankyou for providing this wonderful service.I received my heat bags back pack yesterday anf have not put it down.It has been very helpful in the treatment for shoulder injury and could not have come at a better time.Thankyou again for your products and service.

N Hicks Perth

Hi Cheryl

Just remembered I forgot to thank you for my heat pack.The service was excellent-I received it the next morning as promised.The pack is extremely well made and good looking.I am sure I wil need more in the future and I will definitley contact you.Thank-you!

D Galbraith Perth

Dear Cheryl

The hand mitten arrived this morning.Thankyou so much.Melbourne is having quite a cold day today,so I have tried it out already!

Kay Victoria

My Mum is 86 and had been having trouble with her neck for a few weeks and had even seen a chiropractor.She said the pain had been “driving her mad” until she used a neck collar that she said “saved her life”

I have an 8 panel I use my on an arithtic knee and for general cuddly warmth!

Gail Albany WA

Dear Cheryl
Thankyou for making to order a large size shoulder pack.It covers my shoulders completely and I’ve never been warmer and more comfortable.If there were prizes for best Heat Bags ….First Prize


Mimi Queensland

I Love my HeatbagsPlus back Pack !!! I have a chronic condition called Polymyalgia rheumatica with symptoms including aching shoulder and neck muscles.I wear my back pack every day, at work and sleep..in fact one of my piano students wondered if it wa a new fashion accessory??!!

Mary Adelaide

Hi Cheryl

Just sending you a little note to tell you how much I appreciate the Back Pack.I used to tie it a certain way till I discovered that it can actually be tied several ways.The way it is tied now means the bilk of the pack really heats up the area between my shoulder blades and all is good..Thank you!

Mimi E Queensland.

Dear Cheryl,
Thank you for the great service.

I could not believe it only took a couple of days to order and receive the product. Now I have two of your items and I wouldn’t be without them. I was suffering with the pain at night and living on pain killers…now the heat pack and mitt is all I take to bed now. Thanks for your wonderful service.

Lynelle C. Toowoomba Qld.

Cheryl You are a star !!!
Thankyou for going above and beyond the call of duty in helping me with my special order.I received the heatbag today,and it is absolutely fantastic!!,Please pass on my compliments to the embroiderer, a fantastic job. I can’t wait to see the look on my partners face when she gets it. Now the only problem is, i don’t think i can wait 3 whole days to give her such a wonderful gift! I will be recommending your services to everyone, thank you. Yours Sincerely


My Sister has bought the back pack, what a wonderful product, bonus hot or cold. Really well made and fits great around the neck and shoulders. Thanks for being so clever.

J Martin Brisbane Queensland

I have one of your neck pillows and I’m impressed with not having the usual smelly grains and with the lightness of it. I use the bag mostly for neck support sometimes without heat. I hope you business is very successful.

I McLean Upwey Victoria

Thanks for your advice we all appreciate the warmth the bags offer at bed time.

C Finglas Queensland

Cheers,I have just purchased a basic square heat pack and am really pleased with it. I am going to lend it to my Dad who is 83 and has a hip problem, if he likes it i will purchase for him a larger one. I like mine because it is lighter and smells much nicer than my sisters that is wheat filled.

Wendy H