All of HeatbagsPlus Products underwent Laboratory Testing with the Therapeutic Goods Administration of Australia and Enersol Laboratories In Sydney in September 2018 All of our Products Passed all of the mandatory new requirements for the safe use of Heatpacks to the Australian Public. You Can rest assured that we are giving you the best quality Product which is backed up by our 6 Month warranty on our workmanship of which we are very proud .

Back Pack Heat Bag


The lupin back pack is one of our most popular heatbags. It gives heat pain relief on the center of the neck area, providing heat pain relief to the pad at the mid shoulder blade area and extra length at the front to provide heat pain relief on the collar bone area.

Comfortable enough to wear to bed , remember the longer you keep it covered the warmer it stays. A lot of my customers have returned to purchase for family or friends at $52.95 it is still priced well below any other type on the market today.

Latest Customer Reviews

by Dee on Back Pack
Love my BackPack

I :Love my BackPack and use it most nights while painting or watching TV. My daughter also loves it when she calls into visit,So I have just ordered her one for her Birthday.

Thanks for this great product.


Gowrie ACT.


Dear HeatbagsPlus Staff,

My order has arrived and as usual it has been very well received.

Your quality products are the best in the market by a W.A mile as is your stellar service.

When my housemate came down with the shingles and the rash left but the pain didn't,I quickly found that my heatbags were the only thing which offered any relief.

With the cold weather just upon us ,I realized that I wasn't willing to keep sharing my Heatbags!

My new 8 Panel heat bag is the perfect length for my housemates damaged thank you again for your excellent work

Kind Regards Julie  Beldon Perth





by Margaret Croker on Regular Comforter Heat Bag

Good Afternoon Cheryl, My heat bag arrived in the post yesterday-Thankyou. I think I may have bought the previous one when we were travelling in Western Australia in 2010.I have used it many times over those intervening years but recently passed it on to my daughter-in-law. She and my son and their two small children were involved in a serious car accident some seven weeks ago. Thankfully they are recovering well from their injuries but that is the reason Jenny has my heat bag. I had the original bag and information card stored so had no trouble tracking you down.:) Once again thanks for the prompt service and kind regards. Margaret


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The Back Pack is a long standing favourite and a great gift idea for a family or friend or just for yourself if you are looking to ease your aches and pains look no further.
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