Back Pack Heat Bag

The lupin back pack is one of our most popular heatbags. It gives heat pain relief on the center of the neck area, providing heat pain relief to the pad at the mid shoulder blade area and extra length at the front to provide heat pain relief on the collar bone area.

Comfortable enough to wear to bed , remember the longer you keep it covered the warmer it stays. A lot of my customers have returned to purchase for family or friends at $49.95 it is still priced well below any other type on the market today.

12 panel Lumbar Heat Pack

Our ALL NEW 3 Panel Neck Pillow.

Latest Customer Reviews

by Tabitha Spaeth on Back Pack
Thank You

My Darling neighbour has three fractured vertebrae,T2,T3 T4 and although she had a normal heat pack it was difficult for her to hold in the right place, and so was reduced to sitting awkwardly or laying down uncomfortably to get relief from the heat. When she told me about her fractures, I went straight home and started googling, and up popped your site  showing  the Back Pack ,so I ordered it. It arrived within the week, and I dropped it of.The next time I saw her she burst into tears and said that it is a God send and an absolute life saver. It hits all the right spots, and she can carry on with her day to day chores with it strapped on her back as well as being able to comfortably relax. Driving is also a problem for her and has found that strapping on the heat pack has alleviated some of her discomfort.Thankyou for your productsTabitha S

by Rhonda J Rockingham on Regular Comforter Heat Bag
Wonderful Pain Relief

I have just had dental surgery and I ended up with two black eyes a hugely swollen face and down my neck the pain was awful I used a cold pack the first day then went onto my heat pack can't recommend enough your wonderful Heatbags I swear by them.

by julie abbott on Neck Collar Heat Pack

I have just received my last order of a Neck Wrap which will be used as a Birthday present.My family think your products are wonderful and they get used regularly;Kind RegardsJulie Albany WA

by Lucille R Canberra on 5 panel Lumbar Heat Bag with Straps

The Heat Packs with Straps .They are so wonderful,I can walk around the house with them on.They are like little electric blankets and warm me up straight away when I put them on.It's so cold here in Canberra,and I have become so dependent on them over the years.

by CHERYL on Back Pack

I have had some queries regarding the heating of the Lupin Heat packs.A lot of people are getting confused and treating them like they would a Wheat filled Bag.DO NOT add a cup of water to the microwave this will result in only heating the water and lowering the temp of the bag giving a false sense that it is not heating properly.In a 1200-1500 watt microwave the product is at peak heat in one minute,leave for a few minutes then test on the inside of your wrist if it is a comfortable heat then apply making sure that you cover the bag up away from cold draughts any further info you can use our contact form on the website.

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The Back Pack is a long standing favourite and a great gift idea for a family or friend or just for yourself if you are looking to ease your aches and pains look no further.

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Testing of HeatbagsPlus Products With regards to Laboratory testing of nine of your Products HeatBagsPlus 8 Panel/Lumbar Thigh..TGA conducted this testing to investigate the potential for overheating microwaveable Heat Packs.A standard for these products is in Development as of 2015.

As the laboratory investigation was to conducted to develop methods ,and not to assess compliance with regulatory requirements individualised laboratory reports have been produced.
Your Product was selected for inclusion in this project as it is filled with a material of interest for comparative purposes.Your Product did not display any overheating according to the preliminary methods used.